Technical Analysis

What is Technical Analysis?

  What is Technical Analysis? Technical Analysis is a methodology used to predict the future price of securities based on past price movement and trading volume of that security. This is used to identify new investment opportunities, as well as to evaluate current investments. The underlying belief behind technical analysis is that price moves in …

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What is a Credit Union

What is a Credit Union?

  What is a credit union? A credit union is a financial institution that is owned and operated by its members. It accepts deposits from its members and provides them loans as well as other financial services like checking and savings accounts, credit cards, etc. How do I become a member of a credit union? …

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What is Money

What is Money?

  What is Money? Money is a medium of exchange – it is something everyone is willing to accept in exchange for goods and services. Although money has taken many forms over time, currently it’s most commonly seen as bills and coins. What about credit & debit cards, and apps like Apply Pay, Google Pay, …

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Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar Cost Averaging: Always Make Money in the Stock Market

  Is there an investing strategy using which you can always make money? People usually try to time the market, which means they want to buy when the stock market is at the bottom, and sell when it’s at the top. However, this doesn’t work most of the time, since consistently predicting market tops and …

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Teaching Kids About Personal Finance

Get Your Kids Excited About Personal Finance!

Parents, I know that teaching your child just about anything can get tricky, especially if it’s part of a complex subject. Such subjects may also be considered “Boring” by your child (Although, to be fair, as a child, even you probably thought these subjects were boring. But, hopefully, now you don’t, and it’s about time …

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What is a Mutual Fund MF

What are Mutual Funds (MFs)?

  Howdy Wall Street Willy! I have one really big question for you. Yes, what is it? What is a Mutual Fund? Well, a Mutual Fund is basically a kind of fund where people pool or put together their money to let their mutual fund managers invest it in stocks, bonds and other things. Whoa, …

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