What is a Debit Card?


You’ve already told me what a Credit Card is. But what is a debit card?

Well, a debit card is a card like a Credit Card that is linked to your bank account. You can use it to make purchases, and the money that is used to make the purchases comes from the bank account.

But is there any other use of a debit card, other than those?

Yes, you could use a debit card for ATM withdrawals, which means you can use it to take money out of an ATM. You can also link one debit card to multiple checking accounts or savings accounts.

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But what if there is not enough money in the checking or savings account to make my purchase or ATM withdrawal?

Then, your purchase would be declined or you would not be able to take the money out of the ATM. You can only spend as much money that’s available in the checking or savings account.

Are there any charges or fees?

Usually, there are no annual fees or charges for purchases that you make using your debit card. But there might be a small charge for withdrawing money from other banks’ ATMs – not the bank that issues it.

Ok. But can I use my debit card outside my own country?

Yes, you can. But there may be charges, plus you might get a bad exchange rate, which means that you would end up paying a little more money than you meant to pay.

That’s not good! How many debit cards can I have?

There is no limit to the amount of debit cards you can have, but you should make sure you have a controllable amount because otherwise if one gets lost or stolen, that would be bad for you!

Yeah, that would be bad! But where can I get a debit card from?

A bank issues a debit card when you open a checking or savings account. That debit card would be linked to that checking or savings account.

Ok. But can I choose what debit card I get?

No, the bank provides a debit card. But some banks will let you customize the debit card design, or what image or photo is printed on the front of the debit card.

Whoa… That’s a lot of information about a debit card! Thank you very much Wall Street Willy.

You’re welcome Sooper Cooper!

Podcast: What is a Debit Card?

What is a Debit Card
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