What is Finance?


Howdy Wall Street Willy! I have one really big question for you. What is finance anyways?

Finance is the world of moneyearning, spending, saving and investing it. It’s really cool and large. Its complicated, so I’ll teach you in little steps.

Is buying a house part of finance?

Yes it is. Great question!

Is a bank account that I have part of finance?

Yes, you are correct. Very good questions!

Is my piggy bank part of finance? It is so big, it has one Dollar and 21 cents in it! It took me one year to make that much money.

Sadly, it isn’t a part of finance. But you sure do have a lot of money in your piggy bank!

Is the stock market part of finance?

Yes it is! You are on a roll with good questions!

Whoa… The stock market, a bank account, buying a house and everything else – it’s so big! How am I supposed to learn about it?

Don’t worry, I’m here for you! That’s why we are going to meet once a week to discuss the basic concepts of finance. That way, you’ll never forget, and you’ll learn what I did over the course of many years at my finance school.

Remember, finance is your friend!

Podcast: What is Finance?

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