Financial Literacy: A Key Life Skill for All Ages

Today, more than ever before, it is imperative that we focus on financial literacy starting early on in a child’s life. Children are capable of understanding basic concepts and imbibing them from elementary school, and this strength needs to be capitalized so we can have a nation of well-rounded adults capable of making financially sound decisions later on in their lives.

Introducing Easy Peasy Finance, a kid-friendly resource that can be utilized by parents and educators alike to train young minds about personal finance while keeping them engaged.

Easy Peasy Finance: Breaking down complex financial terms in a way that even kids and beginners can easily understand.

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Easy Peasy Finance Videos Incorporated by Teachers In

EdPuzzleNew | Easy Peasy Finance Homepage
FormativeNew | Easy Peasy Finance Homepage
InstructureNew | Easy Peasy Finance Homepage
NearPodNew | Easy Peasy Finance Homepage
PearDeckNew | Easy Peasy Finance Homepage
PowerSchoolNew | Easy Peasy Finance Homepage
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SeeSawMeNew | Easy Peasy Finance Homepage
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Latest Videos Aligned with Jump$tart National Standards in

K-12 Personal Finance Education

Spending and Saving

Overall Competency: Apply strategies to monitor income and expenses, plan for spending and save for future goals.

Credit and Debt

Overall Competency: Develop strategies to control and manage credit and debt.

Investing and Investment Strategy

Overall Competency: Implement a diversified investment strategy that is compatible with personal financial goals.

Risk Management and Insurance
Financial Decision Making

Overall Competency: Apply reliable information and systematic decision making to personal financial decisions.

Everybody Loves Easy Peasy Finance…

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Maximiliano Neblina

Video: Banking and Income Tax

I love how simple you make it. You did exactly what I wanted my Series 65 manual to do: tell it to me like I’m five. Thank you!

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Rosa Gonzalez

Video: What is a 401k Account?

Teaching my younger sister to be smart about personal finance, so when she grows up she will be informed, and make smart decisions. This is easy for kids to understand.

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Amit Kaushik

Video: What are Stocks?

I am 8 years old and I am planing to become a stock Broker/stock investor when I am 15. It is simple enough for me to understand the basics of the stock market and investing in stocks.

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Ethan Chase

Video: 7 Reason All Kids Must Learn Personal Finance

LOVED the video! Just discovered your channel and liked & subscribed! Looking forward to your future content!

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Ruth Garcia

Video: What is Car / Auto Insurance?

Thank You So Much! You explained everything perfectly, just subscribed.

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Edis Babahmetovic

Video: What is Currency and Exchange Rate?

Watching this for macro economics exam on economic university

Tailored Courses Make Learning Personal Finance Even Simpler

Meet the Adorable Characters

Sooper Cooper | Easy Peasy Finance Homepage

Sooper Cooper


A rodeo champion from Texas, Sooper Cooper is a happy-go-lucky fellow who is new to the world of finance. He has recently moved to New York City, where he would learn basic concepts of personal finance from his friend Wall Street Willy.

Wall Street Willy | Easy Peasy Finance Homepage

Wall Street Willy

Stock Broker

A stock broker at the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street Willy grew up with Sooper Cooper and went to business school to learn about finance and investing. He is Sooper Cooper’s best friend since Kindergarten.

A Video Introduction to Easy Peasy Finance

Simplifying Finance, One Video at a Time


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