Financial Literacy for Kids: Free Personal Finance Courses

Aligned with National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education
Logical Progression of Videos for Quick Learning
Designed to Make Learning Personal Finance Simpler, Specifically for Kids and Beginners

Investment Strategy

Course: Investment Strategies

This advanced course dives deep into investing strategies, including: Asset allocation, portfolio rebalancing, dollar costs averaging, to help you make the most of your investments.

Stock Investment Analysis - Individual Stocks

Course: Investing in Individual Stocks

This course offers advanced knowledge required for individual stock investments, including: IPOs, P/E Ratios, EPS, Technical & Fundamental analysis, and more.

Stock Market Investment - Analysis

Course: Investing in the Stock Market

This intermediate course focuses on investing in the stock market, covering different investment avenues like Stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds to help you navigate the world of equity investment.

Financial Risk Management Money Investment Risk

Course: Financial Risk Management

This intermediate course aims to help you understand and manage your financial risk by covering concepts like emergency fund, identity theft, bankruptcy and will.

Credit Score and Credit Report

Course: Credit Score and Credit Report

This intermediate course focuses on credit scores and credit reports, their importance and how they differ from each other.

Money Payment Online

Course: Methods of Money Payment

This intermediate course deep dives into the different payment methods including checks, credit cards, ACH and wire transfers, direct deposit, and more.

Mortgage - Home Loan

Course: Borrowing for Your Home

This intermediate course dives deep into borrowing related to your home covering topics like FHA Mortgage, Home Equity Loan, HELOC, Foreclosure and more.

Home Equity Loan or Second Mortgage

Course: Basics of Borrowing

This beginner course covers important concepts of credit and debt by introducing you to the world of borrowing including loan, student loan, mortgage and more.

Earning Spending Saving Investing

Course: Basics of Finance

This introductory course helps you take your first steps in the world of finance by covering topics like interest rate, inflation, insurance, stock market, income tax, and more.


Course: Basics of Banking

This introductory course gets you started in the world of banking by covering key topics like Banks and Credit Unions, Checking and Savings accounts, checks, debit cards, ATM and more.

What is Money

Course: Basics of Money

This beginner course introduces you to the world of money everyone should be familiar with, like earning, saving, investing, banks, credit cards, ATMs, and more.

Saving for Retirement - Retirement Planning

Course: Basics of Retirement Planning

This beginner course introduces you to planning for retirement - a very important but often neglected part of personal finance. It covers saving for retirement, different retirement accounts, including special emphasis on 401(k).

Course: Basics of Income Tax | 031 Income Tax 3

Course: Basics of Income Tax

This introductory course on income tax covers what are the different types of income, why income tax is important and what you need to know about filing your tax return.

Course: Basics of Insurance | 050 What is Insurance 3

Course: Basics of Insurance

This beginner course helps you get started in the world of insurance, by introducing you to Life insurance, Health insurance and Auto insurance.

Course: Basics of Credit Cards | 116 Credit vs Debit Card 3

Course: Basics of Credit Cards

This course introduces you to credit and debit cards focusing on their distinguishing features to help you become a savvy consumer.

What is Investing

Course: Basics of Investing

This introductory course covers key concepts related to investing like risk-return, asset classes, portfolio, diversification, liquidity and the magical power of compounding.

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