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Rishi Vamdatt’s Interview by KTTeev: Mar 23, 2021

Rishi Vamdatt of Easy Peasy Finance talks about his YouTube channel created to teach children financial literacy, how you can take advantage of this tool today for your child, and more.

Topics Covered

Importance of Personal Finance for Kids

  • Why is it important for young students to learn personal finance
  • How learning about personal finance and investing is not difficult, if you have access to the right resources and tools


  • Why people struggle to save
  • How can saving be made easier starting from a young age

Investing Strategies

  • How can someone start investing in the stock market – what are the steps that should be followed
  • Effective investment strategies – Dollar Cost Averaging, Long Term Investing through buy-and-hold, investing in Index Funds, etc.
  • How frequently should someone check how the stock market is performing
  • Impact of taxes on investment returns, and how to save taxes

Story of Rishi and Easy Peasy Finance

  • The backstory of Easy Peasy Finance: How did Rishi start it when he was 8 years old
  • The content creation process at Easy Peasy Finance: From picking a topic to publishing a video, including review & fact-checking
  • How Rishi balances school and Easy Peasy Finance

What Easy Peasy Finance Offers

  • The free resources available on Easy Peasy Finance
  • How parents and teachers can use Easy Peasy Finance to teach personal finance to their kids
  • The future plans for Easy Peasy Finance

Rishi’s Tips – on Investment and for Kid Entrepreneurs

  • Rishi’s favorite topic in personal finance, and favorite sector for investing
  • Rishi’s investment philosophy
  • Rishi’s recommendations for other kids that want to start a YouTube channel or want to become entrepreneurs

Easy Peasy Finance for Kids and Beginners

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