Easy Peasy Finance as a Financial Literacy Resource for Kids

The Personal Finance Videos Are:
  • Aligned with K-12 National Standards

  • Animated, Fun and Kid-Friendly

  • Informative and Concise

  • Totally Free and Easy to Use in a Classroom

  • Cover a Breadth of Personal Finance Topics

EasyPeasyFinance.com Offers:
  • An Ever Growing Library of Personal Finance Resources for Kids and Beginners

  • Free, Tailored Courses to Simplify Learning – Spanning Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels

  • Personal Finance Resources in Easy-to-Consume Formats: Videos, Audio Podcast and Text Transcript

Winner of 2022 MAIAs

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Rishi Vamdatt won the 2022 Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards for the Best Influencer category

Winner of 2 Plutus Awards

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Easy Peasy Finance won the 2022 & 2021 Plutus Awards for the Best Financial Literacy Content for Children category

Rishi Vamdatt, the Creator of Easy Peasy Finance

Rishi Vamdatt

Rishi started his financial literacy venture really young when he was only 8, and has grown it tremendously over the last 5 years to 750+ concise, kid-friendly, animated, fun videos.

He has touched the lives of over 2 million people and is making a real impact – as proven by the tremendous positive feedback received from kids, parents and teachers worldwide.

Rishi is also a published and syndicated author. He has been featured on CBS News New York and has appeared on many radio shows & podcasts.

Featured on CBS News

CBS New York TV ARTICLE Meet Rishi Vamdatt The 11-Year-Old Jersey City Whiz Kid - Top Screenshot

Rishi Vamdatt was featured on CBS News as the 11-year old whiz kid who offers free financial advice to thousands online

A Video Introduction to Easy Peasy Finance

Easy Peasy Finance: Personal Finance Simplified for Kids and Beginners

Our Story: From Rishi

Meet the 11-Year Old Creator of Easy Peasy Finance!

I started my YouTube channel and this website in 2018 as an 8-year old, fascinated with the world of personal finance and entrepreneurship!

I love to read personal finance books, and keep myself updated on the latest by reading various personal finance magazines. One of my favorite TV shows is Shark Tank.

Since I was 6, I have been investing all my allowances, chore money and cash gifts in stocks to build my retirement fund. While the amounts I invest are not large, I am sure this would grow into a hefty sum by the time I retire thanks to the power of compounding. I plan to supplement it by investing in Roth IRA and 401k once I start earning.

My friends often ask me questions about finance because they find it complex and intimidating. That’s what inspired me to start my YouTube channel and this website. Through my videos, I hope to break down complex financial terms in a way that even kids can understand. I would love for my friends to be as excited about finance as I am!

An Introduction to Sooper Cooper and Wall Street Willy

Sooper Cooper and Wall Street Willy would like to take you along in this journey of exploring the world of finance – please see the video below to get an introduction to these two fabulous guys!

Introducing Sooper Cooper and Wall Street Willy: Easy Peasy Finance for Kids and Beginners

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