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Today, more than ever before, it is imperative that we focus on financial literacy starting early on in a child’s life. Children are capable of understanding basic concepts and imbibing them from elementary school, and this strength needs to be capitalized so we can have a nation of well-rounded adults capable of making financially sound decisions later on in their lives.

Introducing Easy Peasy Finance, a multi-award winning kid-friendly resource that can be utilized by parents and educators alike to coach young minds about personal finance while keeping them engaged.

Easy Peasy Finance: Breaking down complex financial terms in a way that even kids and beginners can easily understand.

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Why Easy Peasy Finance for Kids’ Financial Literacy?

Simplifying Finance, One Video at a Time


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Books by Rishi Vamdatt

Financial literacy is a key life skill, and it’s never too early or too late to start the personal finance journey. These books explain complex concepts in a fun & engaging way for kids, tweens & teens, so they can grow into well-rounded adults capable of making sound financial decisions.

Easy Peasy Money

A Fun Money Book for Kids

Easy Peasy Finance Homepage | Book Easy Peasy Money

Available in Kindle as well as Print / Paperback versions

Easy Peasy Investing

A Fun Investing Book for Kids

Easy Peasy Finance Homepage | 20211030 Cover FINAL Kindle Easy Peasy Investing

Available in Kindle as well as Print / Paperback versions

Easy Peasy Banking

A Fun Banking Book for Kids

Easy Peasy Finance Homepage | Easy Peasy Banking

Available in Kindle as well as Print / Paperback versions

Kids Activity Book

On Money and Finance

Easy Peasy Finance Homepage | Money Activity Book

Available in Kindle as well as Print / Paperback versions

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Latest Videos Aligned with National Standards in

K-12 Personal Finance Education

Tailored Courses Make Learning Personal Finance for Kids Even Simpler

Everybody Loves Easy Peasy Finance…

That Is That

Video: Active vs Passive Income

Ok, I am in the 6th grade, and we just started learning about finance. MY CLASS LOVES YOU SO MUCH! Every time we see one of your videos, it makes our day! We love the way it looks, sounds, and everything else! If you spent one day walking our hall, you would hear “Finance is your friend!” at least a dozen times! What I want to say is (and I speak for the whole 6th grade), WE LOVE YOU!

Jaz Sharma

Video: What are Stocks?

I’m 11 years old & I think your video helped a lot. You see, my dad has bought many stocks & tells me to learn from the internet. Most of them are like for older people and I seem to get kind of anxious for the results. But when I found your channel, I laughed at the hugely funny animations! Its fantastic to see that some people actually care that kids should learn about the real world other than some rainbows and happy land all the time lol.

Tara Chen

Video: What is a 401k Account?

Thank you for making the video! I’m a full-grown adult, but I really like the explanation with visual and explaining in simple way instead of just reading books. Makes the beginning easier!

Deanna Miller

Video: Earning, Spending, Saving & Investing

These videos are wonderful for students as well as adults. There are many concepts that adults could learn from these videos.

Mike Da Beast

Video: What is Investing?

I’m 15 and this was very helpful! Perfect for teens and kids. We need simple explanations rather than the mental confusion online lol

Shade Glitched

Video: What are Stocks?

I’m 12, and I’m currently trying to learn about stocks and how they work. This is probably the best video for understanding stocks! The video animations are so hilarious! And the video is easy to learn. Thank you so much!

Meet the Adorable Characters

Sooper Cooper


A rodeo champion from Texas, Sooper Cooper is a happy-go-lucky fellow who is new to the world of finance. He has recently moved to New York City, where he would learn basic concepts of personal finance from his friend Wall Street Willy.

Wall Street Willy

Stock Broker

A stock broker at the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street Willy grew up with Sooper Cooper and went to business school to learn about finance and investing. He is Sooper Cooper’s best friend since Kindergarten.

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