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What People Have to Say About Easy Peasy Finance

This is the best stock market video for kids out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Video: What are Stocks?)

Tejas Krishnan ... YouTube Comment

I never got the difference between these two until now, thank you

(Video: ACH Transfer vs Wire Transfer)

Daniel Fuzzo ... YouTube Comment

LOVED the video 👊! Just discovered your channel and liked & subscribed! Looking forward to your future content!

(Video: 7 Reasons ALL Kids MUST Learn Personal Finance)

Ethan Chase ... YouTube Comment

I love this vid for my little girl!!

(Video: What is a Checking Account?)

Gianna Carmona ... YouTube Comment

I think this is so awesome that you are so young and starting this finance channel. There is so much value here and I appreciate your channel!

(Video: Kids' Debit Cards - Special Debit Cards for Kids)

Quinn Larson ... YouTube Comment

These videos are undervalued. I love how simple you make it. You did exactly what I wanted my Series 65 manual to do: tell it to me like I'm five. Thank you!

(Video: Crash Course - Banking and Income Tax)

Maximiliano Neblina ... YouTube Comment
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