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Wooow so cool...! Amazing.. at 10 years old, you’ve already mastered the concept of finance and been making these explainer videos ! While I just started to learn basic math and still learned to ride my two-wheel bicycle at 10 🙂 Keep up the good work ! Looking forward to your other wonderful videos 🙂

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“Finance Easy Learning” in under 3 minutes ... YouTube Comment

These videos are undervalued. I love how simple you make it. You did exactly what I wanted my Series 65 manual to do: tell it to me like I'm five. Thank you!

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Maximiliano Neblina ... YouTube Comment

I love your videos and have learnt A LOT about finance from your videos! Thanks a lot for the knowledge.

(Video: How to Create a Budget in 6 Simple Steps)

Jack T ... YouTube Comment

Alright im 13 years old my grandpa said to find out what a stock is to get money and i am starting a collection of funko pops and want some money for whenever i want something in the future so thanks for the help really appreciate it

(Video: What are Stocks?)

Kylo Ren ... YouTube Comment

This is a great channel! You teach me soo much! By the way im 9!

(Video: What is Short Selling?)

Khalid Merbouh ... YouTube Comment

Hi guys I love u guys so much the cowboy's boy's voice is so cute and his brother I think!?🤗😊😂🤣🙃

(Video: What is a Debit Card?)

HB - 06SS 781190 Dolson PS ... YouTube Comment
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