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What People Have to Say About Easy Peasy Finance

These videos are undervalued. I love how simple you make it. You did exactly what I wanted my Series 65 manual to do: tell it to me like I'm five. Thank you!

(Video: Crash Course - Banking and Income Tax)

Maximiliano Neblina ... YouTube Comment

I am 24 and just learned the difference between ACH and wires! My mom still calls me a kid, so I guess it's ok.

(Video: ACH Transfer vs Wire Transfer)

Chuck E Cheese ... YouTube Comment

Bruh this is so simple I’m in high school and some of these teachers deliberately try n confuse us. Thx i fw your videos heavy.

(Video: What is Short Selling?)

Grootify ... YouTube Comment

Good suggestion for parents. These are the points parents would never think of teaching kids when they are small. Making them understand finance at a young age would definitely be helpful.

Tanvi Agrawal ... Website Comment

Oh wow this is really helpful! I’m gonna subscribe. This can be like an extra class I have, but without tests and stuff. Thank you for teaching us!

(Video: What is Bitcoin?)

BasicallySeth ... YouTube Comment

Hi guys I love u guys so much the cowboy's boy's voice is so cute and his brother I think!?🤗😊😂🤣🙃

(Video: What is a Debit Card?)

HB - 06SS 781190 Dolson PS ... YouTube Comment
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