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What People Have to Say About Easy Peasy Finance

Wow great job! You are really helping children and your videos are fun.

(Video: Earning, Spending, Saving and Investing)

Karla Diaz ... YouTube Comment

OMG how does this not have a lot more views? It was kinda silly, but extremely informative. I've been trying to learn about finance and I see things talk about electronic transfers and wiring money to people and I'm like what's the difference? It all just sounds like electronic ways of moving money around. Thank you for the helpful video!

(Video: ACH Transfer vs Wire Transfer)

Michael Felderman ... YouTube Comment

Watching this for macroeconomics exam on economic university.

(Video: Currency and Exchange Rate)

Edis Babahmetovi ... YouTube Comment

I am 24 and just learned the difference between ACH and wires! My mom still calls me a kid, so I guess it's ok.

(Video: ACH Transfer vs Wire Transfer)

Chuck E Cheese ... YouTube Comment

Im 12, it was a little childish but it helped me understand stocks better a lot. Thanks for the helpful vid and Snooper Cooper was the best.

(Video: What are Stocks?)

maybe_landon ... YouTube Comment

My mom showed me this vid and at first I thought it would be boring but it actually was really interesting! Thanks for teaching me about stocks.

(Video: What are Stocks?)

Khalid Merbouh ... YouTube Comment
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