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Good suggestion for parents. These are the points parents would never think of teaching kids when they are small. Making them understand finance at a young age would definitely be helpful.

Tanvi Agrawal ... Website Comment

I am 8 years old and I am planing to become a stock Broker/stock investor when I become 15. A little bit too childish for me but it will do because it is simple enough for me to understand the basics of the stock market and investing in stocks. And can you make a video about swing trading please.

(Video: What are Stocks?)

Amit Kaushik ... YouTube Comment

I think life insurance is the most important. I just wish that they teach us real life lessons like this in school. I have to search up this by myself, and what kinda insurance I am going to get.

(Video: What is Insurance?)

Oliver Etienne ... YouTube Comment

Quite informative. Presentation excellent. Congrats. Keep it up.

(Video: What is Life Insurance?)

Arun Vamdatt ... YouTube Comment

Watching this for macroeconomics exam on economic university.

(Video: Currency and Exchange Rate)

Edis Babahmetovi ... YouTube Comment

I think this is so awesome that you are so young and starting this finance channel. There is so much value here and I appreciate your channel! You have my subscription and I hope you do well on youtube...

(Video: Special Debit Cards for Kids)

Quinn Larson ... YouTube Comment
Easy Peasy Finance for Kids and Beginners

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