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Cute on the animation and voice-over but sad isn't part and taught academically on past yesteryear's generation in the school's curriculum...

(Video: What are Assets and Liabilities?)

Retro917 ... YouTube Comment

Your videos have been so helpful for studying for my exams haha

(Video: What is Yield?)

Ciara de Leon ... YouTube Comment

I’m 15-years-old and trying to understand the stock market, this video really helped, thank you, but I still have so much to learn and so many questions still.

(Video: What are Stocks?)

Batoul Alabudi ... YouTube Comment

I think life insurance is the most important. I just wish that they teach us real life lessons like this in school. I have to search up this by myself, and what kinda insurance I am going to get.

(Video: What is Insurance?)

Oliver Etienne ... YouTube Comment

Good suggestion for parents. These are the points parents would never think of teaching kids when they are small. Making them understand finance at a young age would definitely be helpful.

Tanvi Agrawal ... Website Comment

Im 12, it was a little childish but it helped me understand stocks better a lot. Thanks for the helpful vid and Snooper Cooper was the best.

(Video: What are Stocks?)

maybe_landon ... YouTube Comment
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