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I love this vid for my little girl!!

(Video: What is a Checking Account?)

Gianna Carmona ... YouTube Comment

I love your videos! They’re so great. Thanks for the content!!!

(Video: What is a Currency Exchange?)

Thalis Perez ... YouTube Comment

As a 15 year old, this was very helpful, thank you! ☺💗

(Video: What are Stocks?)

PrincessPonyLover ... YouTube Comment

Teaching my younger sister to be smart about her personal finance, so when she grows up she will be informed, and make smart decisions. This is easy for kids to understand.

(Video: What is a 401k Account and its Pros & Cons)

Rosa Gonzalez ... YouTube Comment

OMG how does this not have a lot more views? It was kinda silly, but extremely informative. I've been trying to learn about finance and I see things talk about electronic transfers and wiring money to people and I'm like what's the difference? It all just sounds like electronic ways of moving money around. Thank you for the helpful video!

(Video: ACH Transfer vs Wire Transfer)

Michael Felderman ... YouTube Comment

LOVED the video 👊! Just discovered your channel and liked & subscribed! Looking forward to your future content!

(Video: 7 Reasons ALL Kids MUST Learn Personal Finance)

Ethan Chase ... YouTube Comment
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