Financial Literacy for Kids: Free Personal Finance Courses

Aligned with National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education
Logical Progression of Videos for Quick Learning
Designed to Make Learning Personal Finance Simpler, Specifically for Kids and Beginners

Financial Risk Management Money Investment Risk

Course: Financial Risk Management

This intermediate course aims to help you understand and manage your financial risk by covering concepts like emergency fund, identity theft, bankruptcy and will.

Earning Spending Saving Investing

Course: Basics of Finance

This introductory course helps you take your first steps in the world of finance by covering topics like interest rate, inflation, insurance, stock market, income tax, and more.

Course: Basics of Insurance | 050 What is Insurance 3

Course: Basics of Insurance

This beginner course helps you get started in the world of insurance, by introducing you to Life insurance, Health insurance and Auto insurance.

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