How a 14 Year Old Investor Beat Wall Street – And You Can Too!

How a 14yo investor beat Wall Street (and you can too)

How to Beat Wall Street Like a 14 Year Old

I’m a 14 year old investor, and I beat 94% of Wall Street’s ‘expertly managed’ funds every single year – and you can, too.

How’s that even possible, you ask?

Wall Street Funds Make a Crucial Mistake

14 Year Old Investor Beat Wall Street - And You Can Too
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Well, all these funds make one crucial mistake that leads to their downfall. I’ll show you how I avoided this deadly trap to beat Wall Street, and how you can replicate my success for free in just 5 minutes.

First, let’s take a look at what all these Wall Street funds do – and where they’re going wrong. These actively managed funds have a team of experts who try to find investments that they think will give the highest returns.

The people running the funds are professionals, so you’d think they know exactly what to invest in to make a huge profit – but that’s where you’re wrong. In practice, these funds don’t actually do that well. But why?

To figure that out, we have to go back to 2016, when my investing journey began.

How to Beat Wall Street – My Investment Journey

I started investing when I turned 7 by putting my entire allowance into the stock market.

Since I was really new to the world of investing, I invested in individual blue chip stocks I thought would do well – just like the Wall Street funds. If that’s what the experts were doing, I thought it would work for me, too!

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But over the next couple of years, I learned a lot more about investing. That’s when I uncovered the truth: there was one investment that would catapult me to success — far greater success than even Wall Street was able to achieve.

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The Sure Shot Way to Beat Wall Street

What was this incredible investment? Index funds!

Strategy Followed by a 14 Year Old Investor to Beat Wall Street
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Index funds track a certain stock index, like the S&P 500. This means they invest in the same stocks in the same proportion as the broad based index they are tracking; allowing them to match the overall stock market’s returns.

The trap Wall Street’s actively managed funds fall into is trying to beat the market. Even if they do succeed, it’ll only be for one or two years, as the data proves that it’s impossible to beat the market consistently over the long term.

Instead, by investing in index funds, I have been matching the market’s returns – which is actually higher than 94% of Wall Street’s actively managed funds. You can beat Wall Street too just by investing in index funds!

An Incredible Example of My Strategy

Let me give you an example to show just how well you can beat Wall Street’s professionally managed funds.

Let’s say John invests $100 a month in an actively managed mutual fund returning 9% per year, from the time he’s 20 to his retirement at 65. The fund has a 0.6% expense ratio – which is about average.

By the time John retires, he would have $520,000! This seems like a great return, but is it, though? Let’s find out.

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Sally invests the same amount as John for the same amount of time. But instead of an actively managed mutual fund, she chooses a broad based index fund that tracks the S&P 500. It gives an average return of 11% per year, and has a 0.05% expense ratio.

So even after investing the same amount, Sally would have twice as much money as John: over $1.15 million!


This just goes to show how you and I can significantly outperform Wall Street, by simply investing in index funds.

But knowing what to invest in is just the beginning; it doesn’t even matter if you don’t actually start investing. To learn how to start investing quickly and easily, check out Start Investing in 7 Easy Steps: A Guide to Begin Investing Today for Kids & Beginners

How a 14 year old investor beat Wall Street - and you can too
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