Introducing Sooper Cooper and Wall Street Willy


Sooper Cooper

Howdy people. I am Sooper Cooper, and I’m a Cowboy. And my friend Wall Street Willy is a rich stock broker. Now let me tell you guys how I got here.

So me and Wall Street Willy both started in Texas, in the Southern US. We both went to the same school and college, and we were best friends since Kindergarten. But then I went on to become a rodeo champion, but he went to boring finance school.

Now, he’s a rich stock broker at the NYSE, or New York Stock Exchange, and I’m gonna move to New York and every week, once, he’s gonna tell me one of the Basic Concepts of Finance.

Wall Street Willy

Hi, I’m Wall Street Willy, and like my best buddy Sooper Cooper said we’re gonna be meeting once a week to talk about the basic concepts of finance. We invite you to join us every week on this journey.

Remember, finance is your friend!


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Introducing Sooper Cooper and Wall Street Willy
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