Quiz: What Kind of Investor are You? Instantly Get Investment Risk Profile Type!

Find YOUR Investment Risk Profile With This Fun Quiz!

Ever wondered what kind of investor you are? Do you like to pounce on the newest trend, or do you take your time to seek a more cautious investment? Or are you somewhere in between?

Take this short, 5-question quiz to test yourself and find out your investor risk profile! You’ll have 7 seconds after every question to choose an answer. Remember to have a pencil and paper handy, so you can write down your points. Add your points up at the end to see what type of investor you are.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Questions: What Kind of Investor are You?

Question 1: Buying Shoes

You go to a shoe store to buy a pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing for a while. Your friend tells you he just saw a new pair of limited edition shoes that are selling out fast. The store closes in 5 minutes, and there is no time to try them on. You can’t return the shoes, either. You:

  1. Get the shoes. Chances are, you’ll like them (3 points)
  2. Ask your friend to buy now, and if he likes them, hopefully you can buy yourself a pair later if they’re still available (2 points)
  3. Get the shoes you originally wanted – you know they’re good (1 point)

Question 2: Game Show

You’re a contestant on a game show, and just won a brand new laptop. You would:

  1. Happily take the laptop (1 point)
  2. Trade it for a chance to win a car or lose everything (3 points)
  3. Phone your friend – she always gives great advice (2 points)

Question 3: Migrating to New Colony

You’ve been asked to be a part of the first colony at the bottom of the ocean. You have to decide now – you’ll only have a day to pack! You:

  1. Start packing, and are ready to go an hour early (3 points)
  2. Agree to go, but only if you can come back whenever you like (2 points)
  3. Run away like a scared cat, and hide in the closet (1 point)
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Question 4: The Weather

The weather forecast says there is a 50/50 chance of rain today. You:

  1. Get the umbrella, and double check to make sure there are no holes (1 point)
  2. Go outside into the rain – nobody melts if they get a little drizzle on them! (3 points)
  3. Look outside to see what other people are doing (2 points)

Question 5: A new Type of Coffee

Final question. You go to a café, and see a new type of coffee on the menu: The ghost. Your usual is still on the menu. You:

  1. Get the ghost – it could become your new favorite (3 points)
  2. Go for your usual – better safe than sorry! (1 point)
  3. Come back tomorrow with your friend, and have her sample it first (2 points)

Okay, time to add up your score. Now, let’s find out what kind of an investor you are!

Results for What Type of Investor are You?

Kind of Investor - Cautious
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5-7 Points

Kind of Investor: You are a Cautious investor.

You like to know what you’re getting into and seek safety in your investments, although sometimes, you can take minor risks. You may not make a lot of money instantaneously with your investments, but over time, your nest egg will grow.

Type of Investor: Risky
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8 – 11 Points

Kind of Investor: You are a Moderate Risk Taker.

Usually, you seek comfort in investments with nominal risk. However, sometimes you can take a larger risk – but only after you’ve done your research.

Kind of Investor: Risk vs Safety
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12 – 15 Points

Kind of Investor: Risk is Your Middle Name.

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You love risk, and accept the consequences that may come with it – and you also look for these qualities in your investments. Sometimes you make a lot of money, and sometimes you lose. But that’s the thrill you seek.

Before you go, don’t forget to let us know what type of investor you are in the comments below.

Podcast: Quiz – What Kind of Investor are You? Instantly Get Investment Risk Profile Type

Quiz - What Kind of Investor are You
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